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New Haven Turkey

This exchange happened at about 9 am Sunday morning after I was awoken by two loud turkey gobbles:

Aaron: is it just me, or did you hear a turkey gobbling?

Maggie: (who was studying at the time): I definitely did not hear a turkey. (gives strange look)

Aaron: Okay. (Shrugs and leaves)

Aaron: (5 secs later) Come quick, there’s a turkey walking through the courtyard!

And here’s the evidence:

Strutting through the courtyard

Checking out the fire pit

Walking Down the Sidewalk


Learn One Thing: How to Make Turkey Gravy

At the last minute this year we decided to host some of Maggie’s PA friends over for Thanksgiving Dinner.  Maggie has been taking care of all the preparation and cooking (she likes to cook!) but since she doesn’t like gravy on her mashed potatoes or turkey (I know, weird huh?) she put me in charge of making it.

Never having hosted Thanksgiving (or any meal that required gravy), I had to learn how to make turkey gravy, and for that I turned to old faithful (when it comes to how to videos), YouTube:

Now that doesn’t sound too difficult, we’ll see how it turns out!  Next up I need to learn how to properly carve a turkey…