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Best service ever!

Maggie and I started our journey to New Haven, Connecticut today, leaving the Twin Cities about noon with our Penske truck and cars loaded to the brim.  We made it to Rockford, IL before calling it a day and finding a hotel.  Before we did though, we stopped at the Ruby Tuesday just off the interstate near Rockford for dinner.  It wasn’t very busy but it was taking a while for my burger to come (Maggie had the salad bar) so the waitress offered me a free pass at the salad bar, but I wasn’t really that hungry to begin with and wanted to save my appetite for the burger.  Finally the burger came and the manager personally delivered it to our table and comped our entire meal!  I’ve been offered discounts and free deserts before for slow service, but this is the first time it was entirely comped.  It really wasn’t a big inconvenience to have my burger come a bit late, but getting it comped was worth it for having to wait a few extra minutes.  Having this done for us was a nice surprise considering how stingy and how poor the service is at many of national resteraunt chains.