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Party Weekend!

This past weekend turned out to be a weekend full of parties!  Friday night we were invited to Paul and Katie’s house for a wine and cheese party with my college friends/dart teammates.  We sampled 8 different wines, all paired with various cheeses and crackers.  I’m not sure which was my favorite wine, but it seemed like the Riesling that Jeff and Carlene brought went down the easiest.  My contribution was a blackberry table wine from Three Lakes Winery in Three Lakes Wisconsin.  It didn’t turn out to be as flavorful as I had imagined a blackberry wine to be, but I was happy with my selection.  Check out the second half of Kristen’s blog post titled Another Fab Weekend for her re-cap and a few pictures from the night.

Saturday evening we partied with Maggie’s friend’s Mel and Adam and a bunch of their Olaf friends at the Park Tavern in St. Louis Park.  The occasion?  Adam recently proposed to Mel and they wanted to celebrate the event with their friends.  We met them for dinner and hung out for some Karaoke which ranged from top-notch singing to drunken wailing.  A few of us guys wandered off to play some darts before the Karaoke got too out of control, thankfully.

Sunday’s party was of course a Super Bowl party (can I say that here? don’t sue me NFL!) at Bryan’s house, which has become the centralized hang out spot for Maggie’s Olaf friends.  Everyone brought some food to share and we all enjoyed a great game and some funny commercials.  The two highlights of the game was the improbable interception return for a touchdown by the Steelers to end the first half and the amazing corner of the end-zone catch by Santonio Holmes to seal the victory for the Steelers.  The highlight of the commercials for me was the Careerbuilder.com one which featured a woman riding a sea-lion and punching small furry animals.  Another favorite was the Doritos snow globe one early in the game which had us all laughing uncontrollably.  In the end it was a good night for watching the game and enjoying some time with friends.

So those are the highlights from the weekend.  I don’t know if or when I’ll ever have 3 parties in 3 days like that again, it was definitely a rare party weekend!