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March Madness Day 1

As you probably already know the NCAA men’s basketball tournament started yesterday, kicking off wall to wall basketball on CBS this weekend. Unlike last year, I didn’t spend a day at a sports bar taking in the games, instead I was at work, but still keeping an eye on the scores.

After work Maggie and I went to Houlihan’s (a sports bar, her idea, how cool is that?) for a drink and some apps and to watch the Gophers play. Both of us are in the same bracket pool run by my friend Jeff, so it will be fun to see whose picks turn out better throughout the tourney. I’m sad to say that last year she beat overall, but I’ve upped my chances this year by doing two different brackets, to hopefully give me a better shot at coming out ahead both overall and in my head to head battle with Maggie.

So far I’m succeeding by correctly picking 15 out of the first 16 games correct, which puts me in first place (out of 30 entries) and ahead of Maggie by 18 points (but only 2 more correct picks). Hopefully I can keep it up, but I feel like I usually do well on one of the first days, and then only get about half right on the other day. Hopefully I can keep it going this year!

How are you doing so far in your bracket if you do one? Post your # of picks right in the comments.

Good Luck the rest of the way, and Go Badgers! (even though I picked them to lose to Florida State tonight :()