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PA Class of 2011 Didactic year is complete!

Yesterday was the culmination of almost a year straight of study and classwork for Maggie and her PA classmates at Yale as they pursue their PA degree. 40 tests up, 40 down! Yahoo! Now they have 3 weeks off before a couple weeks of training on clinical tasks such as giving IVs, drawing blood and other essential hands on skills needed before they begin clinical rotations in mid-September.

Some of the guys and I celebrated with a round of golf at the Yale golf course and afterward went to a BBQ at a house some of the PA students rent together. A good way to wrap up the year for both the students and their significant others.

Looking back, the last year we’ve spent in New Haven has gone by pretty quickly. Much more so than I thought it would considering I’ve been working from home and Maggie was embroiled in school work nearly 16/7…

Hopefully the next 15 months go just as well as the first 12!


Yale PA Program

The Autumn 2009 issue of the Yale Medicine magazine did a nice article on the 40 year History of the Physician Associate Program at Yale and gives some good insight into how the program and the profession got it’s start.  I found interesting how the profession spawned from the desire of military personal with medical experience to utilize that experience in the civilian medical system after being discharged.

Maggie is 1 month into the PA program at Yale and so far everything is going well.   She studies a lot, even though her first (out of 40) of her weekly tests is not until next week, trying to stay on top of the lecture material and being sure to absorb the plethora of information she needs to learn.

Only 27 more months to go!

UPDATED: Have a question for someone currently enrolled in the Yale Physician Associate program?  Leave a comment below and Maggie or I will be sure try to answer your question quickly.

New Haven here we come!

One week from today Maggie and I will be picking up a Penske 16′ truck and tow dolly and start packing all of our belongings into it in preparation to move to New Haven, CT for her to attend Yale University and study to become a Physician Assistant.

After spending one last night friends on Saturday at Chris and Melissa’s wedding, we will push off for New Haven on Sunday in the Penske truck, pulling my Maxima with Maggie in line driving her Saturn Ion (nick-named Tow-to).  We expect it to take two and a half to three days to get there, since we’ll be towing all our stuff and the moving truck doesn’t have cruise control, so we’ll probably be taking plenty of breaks to rest legs and to fuel up (I’m not excited about the reported 10 mpg they say the truck will get).

We’ve already started the packing and cleaning and preparing to move, but this next week we’ll be even busier putting the finishing touches on packing and with seeing friends one last time before we go.

I’m excited for this new adventure to begin, it’s been a long time in the making!  Stay tuned for updates from our new adventure!

New Haven here we come!

New Haven here we come!