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Mr. & Mrs. Brent Mathison

Many of you who read my blog were probably at the wedding of Brent and Kristen so I’ll spare most of the details.  Considering the stormy stretch we’ve been having, it turned out to be a great (if you like it hot and sticky) day for an outdoor wedding.  The sun was out, the birds were chirping, the Harley’s were rumbling (through the park) 🙂  The only real scary moment that I remember was when it was 5 minutes until the wedding and the Pastor hadn’t shown up to the park yet.  Luckily, just as we were trying to find his number, he showed up and the ceremony started at about 2:05.

Here are a few candids taken throughout the day, mostly by Maggie since I was off being the Best Man (click thumbnail for larger picture):

Here’s a full album of pics from the wedding


Wedding Weekend

Brent and Kristen

Brent and Kristen

Brent and Kristen are getting married this weekend.  The date has finally come!  It seems like just the other day they were announcing their engagement, hard to believe it’s been a year and a half.  I think they will attest that it’s been a long year and a half though spent planning the big day though.  I’m excited to see all their hard work come together.

In other good news, it looks like their outdoor wedding will be rain free!  Leading up to and after Saturday it looks like chances of showers every day, but luckily Saturday is rain and cloud free on the forecast.  Hopefully the weather man is right!  I’d say they’re pretty lucky if they are able to have an outdoor wedding in one of the rainiest months.

Way to go little bro!

Photo stolen from Kristen’s facebook profile, hope she doesn’t dis-own me!