Picture worth a thousand words

This was the scene Sunday as Maggie investigated a bird (the 2nd one in < 1 year) stuck in our stove/chimney, wearing a Packers Santa hat (the NFC Division Champ game was on), with Lucy supervising.  I couldn’t help but laugh at the scene and grab this pic with my iPhone.  I like the array of colors in this pic.

After a couple days of waiting, we were finally able to get the bird out today.  The trick we used both times was to open some holes on the top of the stove, put an open box over the hole in hopes the bird would hop up and sit on top of the exterior of the stove.  For most of the last couple days the bird was in the chimney, unwilling to be coaxed out into the main stove, much less the top, but finally today it decided to explore it’s confines further, probably desperate for food or water.  Once perched on the top, we then slid a folded up (and thus thin) box under the open one, thus trapping the bird between both boxes long enough to get him out side and released back into the wild.

Now we can go back to the peace and quiet of a bird-less wood stove, and the kittens will no longer stare at the stove wondering what is making the racket!


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