Baseball Season

Today is opening day for Major League Baseball.  I’ve never quite understood the theory of essentially starting the season on a Monday.  Wouldn’t a weekend start make more sense and get more people involved in those first few exciting games?  Anyway, I’m excited for what the season has in store for the Minnesota Twins.  I think they’ve made a good team better in the off-season, so it should be fun to see how far they can go this year.   I’m also excited to see them playing outdoors at Target Field.  Thanks to the wonders of MLB.TV (live internet broadcast) , I’ll be able to watch just about any Twins game I want over the course of the season.  I already started with the exhibition game at Target Field on Friday night.  Maggie said it well when she noted that it didn’t look like a home game because nothing looked familiar at all.  I’m sure after a few weeks we’ll get used to seeing Target Field on the TV and it will start to feel like their home park.

The Twins start their season on the road tonight when the visit the Anaheim Angels.  Game time is 10:05 Eastern and I’ll be watching!


2 responses to “Baseball Season

  1. I’ve wondered about starting on Monday also!

    Duke is playing tonight (NCAA Championships!!!) so I won’t see the beginning of the Twins, but I’ll be checking in during timeouts. Hope Maggie won’t be too disappointed when Duke wins their fourth…

  2. Good luck to Duke, but I have to root for the underdog Butler, would be a good story if they win!

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