Learn One Thing: Minimum Credit Card Purchase Requirements

Sorry for the lapse in the Learn One Thing series. It is really tough to write about one thing every day, along with all the other stuff I want to do in a day. Anyway, I just learned today that:

Businesses that accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover aren’t allowed to set minimum-purchase policies (these credit card companies strictly forbid it)

American Express does allow it, but discourages the practice to keep customers happy. I think this is interesting because I know I’ve run across a few places (one local bar here in CT that I play darts at occasionally comes to mind) and think that it is unfair to have a $10 or $15 minimum charge, causing me to use their in house ATM machine if I don’t have enough cash on hand. Next time I’m in this situation though, I will know that technically they’re not allowed to utilize this practice, and try to get them to waive the policy. At least they accept credit cards, unlike a very popular pizza place we visited recently here in New Haven that many people claim has the best pizza. I guess people still go there despite this fact!

Source: Don’t Get Intimidated By “Credit Card Minimum Purchases” [Credit Card Outlaw] (via Lifehacker)


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