Learn One Thing: Google Dashboard

Today I, along with the rest of the world, learned that Google has created a Dashboard page that you can log into and see all of the Google products that you use and some meta data about the data you have saved with Google.

This is really handy for seeing all the different Google products you use (if you’re a heavy Google user like me) and keep a handle on the data you store in the cloud with Google.

I noticed a few products that I used once or twice to try out and haven’t used since.  This tool allows me to see this fact and go into the application and remove any data that I don’t want shared any more.

For example, it shows how many public Picasa web picture albums I have.  If I don’t want them to be public any more, or never did in the first place, but they ended up that way because I wasn’t aware the albums were being made public by default, I can click through to Picassa and adjust the settings.

Go to google.com/dashboard now to see all the applications you’re using and the data you trust google with, all in one place.


2 responses to “Learn One Thing: Google Dashboard

  1. Various of guys write about this issue but you wrote down really true words.

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