Learn One Thing: First Selectman

I was reading an article on the New Haven Register (local newspaper) today about the election results from yesterday’s Election Day and it appeared to me that they had some sort of unique position that you could run for here in New England called the First Selectman.  I had never heard of this office before but based on the article it seemed to be a city level position.

I turned to my trusty Wikipedia and found out that in Connecticut, the First Selectman “is the chief executive and administrative officer of most towns with the Selectmen-Town Meeting form of government.”  Most towns have a Board of Selectmen of which the First Selectman is the leader, which is the executive arm of government in many New England towns.

Basically what this boils down to is the First Selectman is like the Mayor and the Board of Selectmen is like a city council or other executive organization for a city/town.


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