Learn one thing

I had an idea the other day for a series of blog posts that highlight one thing that I learn each day.  The idea sort of comes from the catch-phrase “you learn something new every day” which I think can be very true.  I love to learn new things, and I figure if I don’t learn something new naturally every day, I could force myself to learn something new anyway, and blog about it.

My goal is to share something new each day that I didn’t know about the day before, and hopefully in the process learn some things that I might not normally had learned if I had not done this project.

I hope you learn something too.  Let me know in the comments if what I learn each day is new to you or if you already knew it (smarty pants!)

Today I learned “How to eat a chicken wing with little or no mess” on Lifehacker.com (one of my favorite blogs, which will undoubtedly be a common source for this series).

Here is a video showing how to eat those pesky two boned wings:


One response to “Learn one thing

  1. Interesting idea – a blog a day. I could learn something from you…. Your chicken wing made me hungry!

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