We’re Engaged!!!

That’s right, I asked Maggie to marry me!  Last week we were on a road trip to New Haven, CT, where Maggie and I will be living while she is attending Yale, with the goal of finding an apartment for us to move into in August.  I was looking for the perfect moment to ask her to marry me and give her the ring I had picked out (with some input on the style from her) on our trip, but during the first few days in New Haven I couldn’t find a great setting since it was kind of rainy and gloomy the few days we were there.

Maggie and I after I proposed.

Maggie and I after I proposed.

We found an apartment we loved and finalized it on Wednesday morning and then headed to Philadelphia for the rest of the day to see the historic sights.  Thursday we drove all day to just outside of Chicago, with intentions of possibly finding tickets to the Twins vs Cubs game at historic Wrigley Field on Friday.  So we drove to Chicago Friday morning and it was a beautiful sunny day (unlike most the others on our trip) and we were early so we stopped at Millennium park.  My hope was to find a picturesque scene to propose to her since we had had a lot of time before the game started.  Eventually I found a nice bench in the flower garden where I asked her to marry me and gave her the ring.  She said YES!  She was surprised, that’s for sure!  She said she thought I might do it on the trip but by that point I think she figured I would wait until back in MN.  I had the ring in my pocket the whole trip waiting for the right moment, and luckily it came!!

The ring!

The ring!

Afterward we walked around the shoreline and then spent the rest of the afternoon at the Twins/Cubs game (the Twins won 7-4) before driving to Eau Claire to sleep for the night and visit my parents and tell them the news, show them the ring, etc…

Twins @ Cubs at Wrigley

Twins @ Cubs at Wrigley

We haven’t set a date yet since we have to see how her schedule at school looks for the next year or two.  I can’t wait to see where the future takes us!


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  1. Me neither!

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