A nice long weekend

My Memorial Day weekend started off at about 2:30 Friday afternoon, when my boss let me leave work a few hours earlier than normal since I had spent much of the previous Saturday (my b-day) working.  After spending a couple hours geocaching, Maggie and I made dinner and then headed to the Metrodome to meet our friends Jeff and Carlene to take in the Twins vs. Brewers game.  The Twins combined for 9 runs in the first 4 innings and never looked back, crushing the Brewers 11-3.  The Twins would go on to sweep the Brew Crew in the weekend series.

On Saturday Jeff and I went golfing at Meadowbrook.  It was a perfect day to walk 18 holes and hit a tiny white ball around the green turf.  Unfortunately for me, the little white ball didn’t want to cooperate.  I shot a 48 on the front nine, and well, quit keeping score on the back nine 😦  I think Jeff finished with an 88; someday I will shoot an 88, hopefully someday soon!

Saturday evening we met up with my college friend Dave and his girlfriend Meghan who were in Minneapolis for the weekend wedding of a friend of his.  We only see them every once and a while since they live in Chicago, so it was nice to have a few drinks with them again.  Luckily he hasn’t turned into a total flat-lander quite yet!

Sunday morning we packed up the car and headed to Menomonie to meet my parents and go fishing on Lake Menomin.  Dad recently bought a nice fishing boat that we all four can fit comfortably in and is pretty fast so we can zip around from spot to spot quickly if the fish aren’t biting (they weren’t :().  Sure beats that old fishing boat my dad had when we were growing up that you never knew if it would start or not!

Fishing Trip on Lake Menomin

Fishing Trip on Lake Menomin

The four of us couldn’t get one single fish to bite the whole 4 hours we were out on the lake, but I didn’t mind too much, as it was a nice enjoyable fishing trip.  I blame the wind out of the east and the sun-tan lotion on our hands (and subsequently our bait) for our bad luck.

After our fishing trip we headed to Eau Claire to my parent’s house to hang out with Brent and Kristen and sit around a campfire in my parent’s back yard.  We of course made Maggie’s World Famous S’mores and talked late into the night before putting the fire out and calling it a night.

Sunday morning Mom made a nice pancake breakfast for all of us.  After we allowed our syrup-coma to wear off, Mom, Dad, Maggie and I went on a bike ride to Lowes Creek Park and back.  The park, which is just south of 94 in Eau Claire, has a lot of ski trails and mountain bike trails.  Maggie and I really enjoyed the mountain bike trails, but I think they were a little too intense for Mom and Dad, so we mainly stayed on the x-country ski trails.  While we were in the park we tried to find one of the MANY geocaches in the park.  This was the first time we tried to find one with Mom and Dad and I think they enjoyed it.  Dad was close to the cache the whole time but didn’t make the find until after Maggie and I had spotted it already.

After our 10 mile long bike ride we loaded our bikes up and made the 90 minute drive back to the Twin Cities to relax a bit from our busy weekend and prepare for the work week.  All in all it was a GREAT weekend, and it was nice that the weather was absolutely perfect for all of our outdoor fun!


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  1. I think sunscreen on bait helps catch fish 🙂

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