Southern California Vacation

A couple weeks ago Maggie and I decided to plan a spring break trip location of Southern California.  We’re planning to fly in to Los Angeles and visit some sites there and also spend a few days in San Diego.  We’ll be there from February 19 – 27th 2009.  We’ve gotten some ideas for things to do from a couple people, but I’m wondering if you have any suggestions for us.  Have you been to either LA or San Diego? If so what were your favorite attractions in the area and why?  Post your response in the comments, and the sooner the better.  Thanks!


3 responses to “Southern California Vacation

  1. It might be sort of nerdy, but I’ve heard you can’t go to San Diego without going to the zoo. It is supposed to be pretty amazing… 🙂

  2. We’re big nerds, so that’s great 🙂 I’ve heard from someone else the Zoo is great too. Thanks for the tip!

  3. never mind – I found the answer. Have a great trip!

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