Bon Iver on Letterman Thursday (12/11/08)

My fellow Memorial High School class of ’99 classmate Justin Vernon’s very popular band Bon Iver will appear on The Late Show with David Letterman on Thursday (12/11/08) this week.  You may have heard heard Bon Iver’s music on the Twin Cities radio station on The Current, or on “Grey’s Anatomy,” “House” and “One Tree Hill” recently.  I have yet to see them perform in concert, but I hear it’s a great show.  They are currently touring in Europe and will be heading to Australia in the new year.

Anyway, check out Bon Iver on Letterman Thursday if you get a chance.  It’ll be cool to see my fellow classmate and football teammate on the national stage.  Way to go Justin!
Eau Claire Leader Telegram Article


3 responses to “Bon Iver on Letterman Thursday (12/11/08)

  1. Your blog is festive now! 🙂

  2. Nice blog! I was paging through it and thinking we don’t share a lot in common (boniver, hunting and the like) when I discovered Maggie looking at me from the screen. Guess I didn’t know your last name – and yes, we do have more in common than I thought. A lesson in snap judgments, I suppose. Do you keep the snow and tree theme year-round?

  3. Yeah, Maggie mentioned you started a blog so I had to check it out. My blog has a real clean look normally, the festive look will probably only last until Christmas.

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