Halloween Recap

Halloween turned out to be a fun night.  Turns out Chipotle really does have free Burritos.  We made hats from tinfoil and wore them (along with lots of other people, mostly high school age kids) to Chipotle to get our free Burritos (or in Maggie’s case, a burrito bowl).

After the free Burritos we got ready to head to our 2 Halloween parties we planned to attend.  The first was hosted by Katie and Paul and the second hosted by Bryan, Maggie’s friend from college.  As you can see below, we went as Howie Mandel and Keltie of the TV show Deal or No Deal.  It turned out to be a inexpensive and creative idea that everyone really liked.  It was convenient too that Maggie was able to procure a shiny case like they use on the show (it was from the Deal or No Deal boardgame her Dad has) to complete the costume.

Howie Mandel and Keltie

Howie Mandel and Keltie

Katie & Paul’s party featured great snack food, pumpkin bowling, pumpkin golf and a costume contest:

Maggie pumpkin bowling

Maggie pumpkin bowling

Bryan’s party featured good drinks, great decorations (dark rooms, black lighting, spider webs, etc…) and lots of Ole’s:

Sword vs. Knife; guess who won?

Sword vs. Knife; guess who won?

As you can see, it was a great night!  For more pictures, check out my Halloween 2008 facebook album.


3 responses to “Halloween Recap

  1. Great costumes! The case makes “it”. Looks like a fun night

  2. You look like Howie! How much was in the case?

  3. It was $1,000,000 of course, the deal girls always have the million 🙂

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