New Favorite Geocache

I got into geocaching earlier this summer and have also gotten Maggie involved as well in the last few months.  She really enjoys the puzzle caches or the ones that you need to follow a couple of steps in order to find the final cache.

Today we had some time to go try to find a few caches so we went for a few in Rahn Park in Eagan.  It was a gorgeaus day, I’m afraid it might be the last one this warm, since they’re predicting flurries tomorrow 😦  Anyway, we found this one cache that has become our new favorite cache.  It involved a stuffed monkey with a container inside of him.  Maggie discovered the monkey hanging upside down from a tree on a string.  In order to get to it you had to find where the string started (on another tree) and lower the monkey down so you could access the cache and sign the log.  What a fun cache!

Maggie with the Monkey cache

Maggie with the Monkey cache


One response to “New Favorite Geocache

  1. That does look like a fun, clever cache.

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