Maggie got accepted to PA school!

Today Maggie got a call from Des Moines University saying they’ve accepted her application to their Physicians Assistant program.  Des Moines was the first interview she had and has two more scheduled at Yale and Midwestern University over the next 6 weeks.  She was a little worried early this week since after interviewing last Tuesday at Des Moines they said they would have a decision on who would be accepted by Friday.  I reminded her that things usually take longer than they say, and that I’m sure it’s a complicated process, and to be patient.  Luckily I was right and they called today with the good news!

So way to go Maggie!!!  I hope the remaining interviews (those scheduled and those she hopes to get called for) go just as well and lead to similar results so she has a few schools to choose from!  I’m sure it feels good though knowing that she’ll be going to school for the degree she has been dreaming of obtaining!


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